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Prairie Pastures Dog Park

You and your canine buddy can enjoy over 8 acres of off-leash adventures at our nationally recognized Prairie Pastures Dog Park!  We have something for every dog -- small dogs, older dogs and adventuresome dogs!

Prairie Pastures is a unique, one-of-a-kind dog park experience.  It is located on the site of an old zoo, which offers unusual structures and varied terrain, including a swimming pond.  Our park is very spacious and the terrain, structures and vegetation amplify that spaciousness by providing visual and sound barriers, which give the dogs the choice of exploring alone or playing with others.  There are also many different gated sections giving plenty of separate areas to meet everyone’s individual needs, especially senior dogs and citizens.  

The entrance to Prairie Pastures Dog Park is from inside Eagle Point Park, in Clinton Iowa.  Our park is open daily from 8am til dusk.  Day Passes are $3 for the first dog and $1 for each additional dog.  Memberships are available.


Take Rt. 67 north (or N. 3rd St) following the signs for Eagle Point Park.  Once you turn into Eagle Point Park, follow the road to the right and you will see Prairie Pastures Dog Park on the right. 

Prairie Pastures is a branch of the Soaring Eagle Nature Center and is not part of Eagle Point Park. 

 Our park is supported and maintained entirely thru the effort of our dedicated members and loyal sponsors.  Every aspect of maintaining our park is done by our members, our volunteers.   Please help them out by always picking up after your dog, and if you see a pile someone missed, please pick that up too.  Membership dues, day passes and donations keep this park running, as we receive no other financial assistance.  Please help us in any way you can.  We pride ourselves on our fantastic park and our responsible pet owners; together we can make this the best dog park in Iowa and beyond!  Enjoy!

Photo Gallery:


Park Features

Our park has tons of features, from the King of the Hill areas to the pond.  More details and photos will be posted soon!


The Pond

One of the highlights of our park is our pond.  Located in one of the big dog areas and clearly visable from the senior area, the dogs just love our pond!

"King of the Hill"

With two separate "King of the Hill" areas the small dogs don't have to compete with the big dogs!  Our dogs love the view from the top of the "King of the Hill!"  The big dog hill is a great place to play and to dig.

Nature Trails

Take your best friend on a walk through one of our beautiful trails.


Dog Park Rules

The safety of our dogs and our members is our primary concern.
All members have the right to remind others of the rules.
The SENC board has the right to revoke membership of rule violators.

A Membership badge or Day Pass is required to enter the park

Day Passes can be purchased at the front gate and are good for one day only. $3 for the first dog, $1 for each additional dog. Membership forms are also available at the front entrance.

Keep the park clean. Pick up the poop

Waste pickup bags are available throughout the park. Please carry one with you so you will always be prepared to pick up any pile you see. There will be times when you will miss one left by your dog, so to makeup for that, please pick up someone else's missed pile.

Handlers must be at least 16 years old, and must be with their dogs at all times. Children under 16 must always be under direct adult supervision; child's play is strictly prohibited. Children under 4 feet tall are not allowed in the park.

Your child may be used to dogs, but that doesn't mean that all dogs are used to children. Keep your kids safe.

NEVER leave a gate or door open

Keep everyone's pets safe.

NOT ALLOWED: Females in heat

The average heat cycle last 21 days. During that entire time do not bring your female to the park.

NO large dogs in the small dog yard

If you must pass through the small dog yard with your big dog LEASH THEM.

NOT ALLOWED: Alcohol, food, dog treats, tobacco products. or glass bottles. No children's toys, strollers, etc. Any form of metal or spike collars is prohibited.

Exception: tiny training treats are allowed. Please use caution around other dogs.

ALL dogs must be fully vaccinated for rabies, and in good health. Puppies must be over 4 months old. Dogs residing within Clinton city limits must be licensed.

First rabies shots aren't given until puppies are 4 months old. Please check with your vet before bringing your puppy to the park. Make sure they are healthy and fully immunized against all common canine diseases. 

Dogs owned by residents of Clinton, Iowa must be licensed with the city of Clinton. This only applies to Clinton residents. 

Owners are responsible f'or their dogs behavior at all times. Inappropriate behavior must be corrected immediately, or the dog must be to another area or removed from the park.

Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to: dominance, aggression, posturing, bullying, pestering, barking, fence aggression, digging, or humping.

Owners exhibiting any form of animal cruelty will NOT be tolerated.