Flannery One-Room Schoolhouse

This one-room schoolhouse, the last known remaining in Clinton County, was moved to its current location on SENC land to save it from demolition the fall of 1975. At one time Clinton County was served by 166 one-room schools.

This school was built in the summer of 1935, making it the last one-room school built in Clinton County. Superintendant of schools at that time was Mr. Fred Bowersox.  It opened for classes the fall of 1935 and was located on Humestown Road on Mr. Herb Peters property North of Dewitt, IA.

The original name was “Flannery,” later changed to North DeWitt No. 2. The original school which it replaced was built before 1900.  There is little information available on this school.   Following the construction of the new school, the original school was purchased and used by a local famer as a hog shed.

Maintenance work at the school was done by the teachers, and teachers took their lunch with the children. 

“We were so excited with the new school:  I just can’t tell you how wonderful it seemed at the time. We had a furnace we could turn up on cold mornings and we had flush toilets!”  Of course there was no hot lunch program and the children had to bring dinner pails, but that was nice on warm days because we used to go out in the yard and eat under a tree.”  - Mrs. Lillis, Oct. 13, 1973 Clinton Herald.

Mrs. Lillis taught at the school for nine years, fall of 1956 through summer of 1965, and retired from teaching in 1973.

Not only did this school hold the distinction of being the last built in Clinton County, but was additionally the last one in the county to close. Classes were held in the school until it was closed the summer of 1965.